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Create Your Personal Tofu Dish

(Vegetable Options)

1. Tofu (Steamed or Fried)

2. Choose Two Vegetables
3. Choose a Sauce

4. Choose White or Brown Rice

5. Other Options
   $0.50 Each Additional Vegetable
   $1.50 Fried Rice
   $2.00 Lo Mein




          - Hot & Spicy

Vegetable Options
V2 Bamboo Shoots
V3 Bean Sprouts
V4 Broccoli
V5 Carrots
V6 Celery
V7 Bak Choy
V8 Eggplant
V9 Green Beans
V10 Green Peppers
V11 Mushrooms
V12 Onions
V13 Snow Peas

Sauce Options
S1 Black Bean Sauce
S2 Brown Sauce
S3 Garlic Sauce
S4 General Tso's Sauce
S5 Ginger Sauce
S6 Hunan Sauce
S7 Sesame Sauce
S8 Szechuan Sauce
S9 Tangerine Sauce
S10 White Sauce

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